Date: 2014-03-07 06:07 am (UTC)
velveteenwolf: (Smug Jerk)
They're like a couple out of one of those romcoms he pretends to hate. She's the beautiful genius and he's the scruffy, no-good, bad boy, although that's making it far too simple. Which had been his problem, really. He'd underestimated her when they'd first met. And that has been either one of the best or worst mistakes he's ever made. Lydia is hot, smarter than he is by a long-shot, self-assured, confident, and more than capable of out-sassing his bullshit. Which is pretty much to say that he'd never had a chance.

She reminds him of Roman in all the wrong ways, though he hasn't told her about him, yet. Hasn't talked about Hemlock Grove, although she knows that he's a werewolf -- given her friends, that was hardly even a secret.

Usually he slips in to school and no one notices or cares, but at Beacon Hills he ended up in a class with Scott, Isaac and Stiles and that meant his secret was out in about five minutes flat. That should have been the first sign, should have been reason enough to run, but he didn't. Didn't even mention it to Lynda, because he conned himself into that horrible self-delusion that it didn't mean anything.

But, maybe this time it was okay. Because in some strange way, he liked it here, liked whatever it was he'd carved out for himself. He knocks on her door, there under some shabby pretense of studying on a Friday night that he doesn't think anyone actually believes, but at least it keeps Lynda from asking too many questions. He didn't even bring his books, and he's grinning impishly as he stands on her doorstep.

He doesn't have a name for what they're doing, and she doesn't push. He still laughs sometimes when he remembers back to when he'd tried to give her his 'I'm not a good boyfriend' protest. Peter just doesn't have the willpower to keep people out of life, but she's amazingly uncomplicated. He likes how she smells, the feel of her skin against his. She makes it easy, and that's maybe the most dangerous thing about her. That and her green eyes.
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