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And When He Saw Her Raised for the Slaughter, Abraham's Daughter Raised Her Bow

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I couldn't say. [Her tone is frank.] I don't know the details, and I won't pry if you don't want to talk. But the situation you blame yourself for? You wouldn't have been in it at all if not for the damn Germans.

[Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, mister.]
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Fuck them.

[His voice seethes with anger, the words spat out like poison. Killian's hands are still shaking, and he finds he's a little out of breath, worked up by the topic.]
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Right up the arse. [She agrees. This earthy girl, she is not a lady.]
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[There's a faint smile at that and he nods, letting out a long breath.]

You're...very upfront with your opinions.
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I know. [She scrunches up her face.] Terrible, innit? My foster brother thinks it's hilarious, but our dad just tells me proper ladies oughtn't behave that way.

[She reaches up to unpin the kerchief from her hair, pausing momentarily.] You don't mind, do you?

[It doesn't matter, because she doesn't wait; long red hair spills down her back, and she seemed relieved for letting it flow. Having it pinned up for hours can be uncomfortable.]
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You have no idea how refreshing it is after all these stuffy nurses.

[His smile comes a little easier this time, though it's still small and shy.]

If I wanted to be fussed over and coddled, I would have gone home.