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And When He Saw Her Raised for the Slaughter, Abraham's Daughter Raised Her Bow

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[It takes him by surprise but he accepts it happily, lips curving into a smile as he leans up as much as he can to kiss her back. The hand on her cheek slides up into red hair, nails scraping lightly against her scalp.]
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[She makes a low sound in her throat as his nails slide into her hair, and though the kiss has to end at some point.]

I should I apologize, for presuming, but I wouldn't mean it.
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[He laughs breathlessly, not pulling back at all.]

Don't apologize. Kiss me again instead.
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[She kneels in the water so her head is at level with his. Her hair floats around her, wafting gently to and fro as she leans in once more and kisses him.]
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[Kili smiles and leans in more against her, feeling the press of her skin against his as he kisses her back. He's kissed girls before, but it was nothing serious, nothing more than a drunken bet on most nights.

Most the time he got shoved off or punched.

But this is different. There's something about her, about all of her, that resonates with him. His heart beats faster, something almost aching in his chest.]
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[There has been some distance between their bodies during these kisses, but as they continue, that space gradually lessens. Eventually it's all but gone, and her hair lazily fans out all around them.

Even if she knows they are getting carried away, she doesn't quite have the agency to stop herself yet.]
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[Kili's too caught up to even really realize how they're pressed far too close and how his body is already starting to respond. One arm ends up around Tauriel's neck, the other at her side.

He pulls back for a moment to breathe, pressing his forehead lightly to hers.]
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[She lets out a soft exhale as well, and only when she says her name does she actually realize how far things have gotten. How far they may yet go.]


[She is unable to resist nuzzling against him, and feeling that gentle rasp along her skin.]

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[He feels hot even in the cool water, caught up in Tauriel and everything that she is. She nuzzles against him and he laughs softly, his hand wandering across her side, thumb stroking just beneath her breast.] [He breathes it out, trying to find a way to say what it is he's feeling. It's more than just desire, it's...a strange sense of...completion.]

I think I love you.
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You should not speak of love lightly to an elf.

[Her tone is very gentle, and while she doesn't remove his hand, there's a certain reticence.]

When we say those words the first time, it is rare that they are ever uttered in that way to another ever again. When we give our love, it is forever, and we do not stray.
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[Kili's eyes meet hers, and he licks his lips, clearly thinking over his words before he speaks.]

We find another similarity between our peoples, then. Dwarves love monogamously. Fiercely. It's said to be like a fire that never dies, flames only to be stoked hotter. [Fingers brush across her cheek.] I think I'm starting to understand that now.
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We should both be certain.

[But she turns her head and kisses his fingers before turning her gaze back to his.]

We are both very young and very foolish, aren't we?

[They could be foolish together.]
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[Kili blushes at her soft kisses, his thumb beneath her breast stroking over skin again.]

Aye, very foolish. Perhaps we should do something reckless and daring.
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Ahh, but could you live with an elf following you about adoringly for the rest of your days?

[It's hard for her not to smile. Harder still not to press forward into his hand, a shiver going down her spine.]
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[He ducks his head, stubble brushing against her neck as he trails kisses along smooth skin.]

I think I could survive it~.
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[It's odd and fascinating to her, how the scrape against her skin, and the kisses too, all make her shudder. Her fingers lace into his hair, nails dragging along his scalp in a fashion similar to his earlier touches.]

And you would not tire of me?
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[He's still getting over just how very soft she is, her skin so smooth and perfect beneath his touch. He bites down lightly at the joint of neck and shoulder, just a little.]

I could never tire of you.
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[She is unable to keep herself from making a little sound when he bites her. It just emerges from her throat; something a little less meek than a whimper, but something softer than moan.

It encourages her, at any rate, to curve an arm around his torso so that the tips of her fingers can glide along his spine.]

You say that now.

[Her protests are entirely odd with her actions, her curious exploration of his body.]
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[Her touches are more than welcome, and Kili arches against her like a cat, making a small sound of satisfaction and pressing closer. The hand on her torso gets more daring, slowly creeping up over her breast, fingers brushing against it hesitantly.]

Aye. And I'll say the same in a hundred years. [He kisses her throat, just over the pulse point in her neck.]
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[She believes him, which may be foolish, but they are both as they have agreed, young and reckless. Her body coils around him, lighter and more buoyant in the water. The hand that was at his spine slides back across his shoulder, down his arm, and comes to the hand over her breast, curling around it and re-situating it so his fingers are cupping it, right before she nuzzles up against him for another kiss.]

You may find yourself put to proving that.
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[How can he lie when he's so in love? He's growing more sure of that feeling by the second. He blushes a little when she moves his hand, and he licks his lips as he gives her breast a gentle squeeze, almost surprised at the weight of it in his hand. He's never touched anyone like this before and it's thrilling how she's allowing it. Even...asking for it.]

I look forward to it.

[This kiss is just as heated as the ones before, if not more. Kili's free hand captures her other breast and he massages experimentally, fingers squeezing and sliding across her.]
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[She too is enamored, and any worry that he might well, fall out of love in the morning? Is pushed far, far from her mind.]

Perhaps we should wait.

[She feels like she has to suggest it, except she can't stop kissing him.]
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[Kili can't stop touching her, can't stop kissing her. He wants more but he wants to cherish this too. Still, there's a soft chuckle at her suggestion.]

Wait for what? We may never get a chance like this again.

[He thumbs tentatively over a nipple, pressing in a little harder.]

Tauriel...I want this.
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[She smiles at him, shaking her head.] A moment ago I told you that if this happens between us, it's until death parts us. That's hardly never.

[She runs her hand along his jaw.]

But I want this too.
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I know. [One hand retreats to wrap around her torso and pull her closer to him.] Who knows when death might come for me?

[Kili nuzzles into her hand, kissing her palm.]

I-I've never done this before. [He admits it sheepishly, cheeks going pink.]

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