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Kili ([personal profile] kilimanjaro) wrote in [personal profile] princesscupcake 2014-02-21 07:24 am (UTC)

[Killian Durin, young foot soldier as he was, hadn't been doing well at all upon his arrival. He'd crept out of his bed several times in the night, confused and calling for his brother. The bullet wound he'd taken in the thigh had gotten infected from his wanderings, and he spent the next week and a half feverish and babbling.

But somehow he pulled through. A few more weeks and he was learning to walk again, limping about the grounds with a cane and a nurse always at his side. He seems to be the quiet type, no doubt scarred by the horrors he's faced, and spends quite a lot of time just sitting on the grass with his bad leg stretched out, apparently lost in thought.]

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