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Kili ([personal profile] kilimanjaro) wrote in [personal profile] princesscupcake 2014-01-27 07:44 am (UTC)


[It's not really out of the ordinary for Kili to be in detention. Just because he's on the rugby team and he and his twin brother are popular and his uncle is a very well-known figure in the community doesn't mean he gets out of being disciplined.

He's a bit of a troublemaker, and his short attention span doesn't really help when he gets bored and ends up the class clown. Kili huffs and slumps out dramatically across his desk, looking up balefully at today's campus monitor that's taking over detention duty. He's just opened his mouth to whine when she swats him on the nose with a rolled up school newspaper.

No, Killian, you are not getting out early. Still. Now sit quietly, she tells him firmly, and he huffs.]

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